Coffee Over Cardio

It’s the coffee brand that we’ve been missing out on

#coffeeovercardio is taking over the caffeine scene with their super unique flavors like MESSY BUN (Cinnamon Bun Coffee) and SATURDAZE (Chocolate Donut Coffee.)

Coffee Over Cardio promotes healthy living by making their products gluten & carb free, sugar free and it’s Keto friendly! They also offer Espresso Fit workouts, sent straight to your inbox.

I personally love all the extras, like reusable K-cup filters, and the most adorable headbands and tumblers. My all time fave? The HYDRATE products!

HYDRATE is “a tasty way to add electrolytes to your water! Made with CocOganic™, an electrolyte-infused coconut powder and amazing flavors to taste like Candy Watermelon (and many more). This is everything you need to restore essential electrolytes. It’s the perfect answer after a sweaty workout or a busy day.”

I am proud to be a Coffee Over Cardio Barista! If you are obsessed with all things coffee, as well as looking for new ways to stay fit and healthy, you need to check this out!

So, my caffeinated darlings, the link to this coffee revolution is below! AND, you can now receive 10% off of your entire order when you use my code at checkout: 10BLUEDAHLIA

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