Me, Myself and Breaking Free

We have options, right? We face choices we have to make, looming decisions that we’d rather not have to play tug of war with, every single day. I know I cannot be alone in the assumption that one of these days, I will mistakenly take the wrong path on this journey when met with an unmapped fork in the road. I most definitely grapple with the fact that by my own admission, I am so far from beginning to figure out this life stuff.

Take for example, my barley 900 sq. ft. one bedroom, one bathroom apartment that I share with my husband, one dog, and one rather large cat, the fact that I am 26 years old and still trying to complete courses to finally finish my BA in psychology, or the all-but-empty bank account I’m not entirely sure why I opened, as an indication of my life choices thus far. And I know what a lot of you are thinking, I can almost feel the eye rolls from this seat in my tiny kitchen that lacks any sort of proper natural light. I am still so young, “just a pimple on the world’s ass,” as my very loving, but extremely unfiltered mother would put it. I get it, but all that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t benefit from some speedy sort of mystical self-discovery.

So here’s a bit of background. I was working full time doing some incredibly dull office work. I was a glorified medical secretary at a practice where all of the providers were male. Go figure. The entire time I was there my inner feminist was literally screaming to get out, it’s as if there was this grey cloud that followed me around like it was going to open up and start torrentially down pouring at any moment. Well guess what my friends, this week it did. I blew up, and I quit that suffocating, creativity-restricting and sexist 9-5 role. Now I am without a paycheck (that’s not scary, at all,) have very few realistic prospects, but also a whole channel of ideas swirling around in my brain. And I apologize to anyone in advance who enjoys their secretarial work. If that’s your thing, then I pat you on the back, because I. was. so. bored. Not to mention the office politics, the favoritism, lack of emphasis on personal growth, and down-right despicable pay rates.

Now I am able to do as I please, without the chains of a dreadful, and I do mean soul-suckingly dreadful 9-5 job, “working for the man,” (at least until next months stack of bills roll in.) I took a leap of faith, which isn’t usually even in my vocabulary, and I am excited to see where this blog will take me. If anyone else is looking to truly discover who they are, let’s do it together. I am beyond excited to begin this overdue journey of not only finding myself, but also learning to really, unconditionally love myself.

So, who’s with me?

All my best,